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Luck of the Draw (Hickory Hollow #4)

Tiger attack. Zombie apocalypse. Root canal with gum scraping.

​As far as Sarah Winchester is concerned, all of those are better options than getting roped into the Hickory Hollow Ladies’ Society’s annual Love Drawing. No way she's participating in that hot mess. When the Society’s meddling president drops Sarah’s name into the drawing box anyway, Sarah can’t imagine anything worse. Until she “coincidentally” gets partnered with Rowan, who still carries a grudge from when she backed over his mailbox. It was an accident, okay??

​Rowan Graham has lost everyone he’s ever cared about, except his great-aunt Millie. He’d do anything for her, even if it means gritting his teeth and suffering through her club's ridiculous Valentine's Day Ball and Love Drawing. Maybe it won't be so bad. Until he realizes the last woman standing is the one he least wants to be partnered with. Yeah, her. This isn't going to be bad, it's going to be awful. It was a Brand. New. Mailbox, okay??


Sarah and Rowan agree on one thing – those sweet little old ladies totally rigged the drawing. Even though the Ladies’ Society swears it was the luck of the draw.

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