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Bad Advice (Hickory Hollow #8)

Sometimes you should listen to your friends. Other times? Not so much.

When shy, anxious Lincoln has trouble dating, he turns to his friends. They're all in great relationships, so they should have the best advice, right? He puts himself into their hands and ends up with an earpiece guiding him step by step through a horrific date that belongs in the Hall of Shame.

When Gretchen hears about the guys' well-intentioned but very bad, no good plans for Lincoln's love life, she jumps in to help her friend out. After all, what he really needs is a woman's perspective. A few practice dates, some real-time feedback, and by the time the holidays are over, Lincoln will have the skills and confidence to date for real. Simple as that.

It's just fake dating. So why is it starting to feel real?

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